Process tanks

Unilever Turkey

Design and manufacturing of 108 each process equipments

Areva NC

Fabrication of 31 each Caissons


Fabrication and erection of tanks

Outotec Turkey Metal Enerji ve Su Teknolojileri A.Ş.

Fabrication of 8 each Flotation Tanks

Polyplex Resins

Manufacturing and erection of process column

Fater Temizlik Ürünleri Ltd. Şti.

Fabrication of 6 each process tanks

Danieli Centro Combustion Spa.

Fabrication and erection of 2 ea Furnace, 1 ea Cooling Bell

Achenbach Buschhütten

Manufacturing and erection of a scrubber

Achenbach Buschhütten

Fabrication of a scrubber

Evyap Soap Turkey

Fabrication of 3 each tanks

Achenbach Buschhütten

Fabrication of 2 each oil tank

Evyap Soap Malaysia

Fabrication of Hotwell/Coldwell tanks (9 each)

Aps Ambalaj Paketleme

Fabrication of stainless steel tanks

Evyap Soap Turkey

Fabrication and erection of a tank

Pmt Makina

Fabrication of 4 each storage tanks

Reckitt Benckiser

Fabrication and erection of a tank

Metso Minerals

Fabrication of a dewatering tank

Artaş Endüstriyel

Fabrication of a tank

Balta Floorcovering

Tank fabrication and piping

Poly Industrial Trading

Fabrication of 2 each tanks

Casati Paint

Fabrication and Erection of 6 each Agitator Tanks

Evyap Soap Turkey

Fabrication of condensate storage tank

Tezcan Galvanizli Yapı Elemanları A.Ş.

Tank Fabrication

Artaş Endüstriyel Tesisler Taah. ve Tic. A.Ş.

Fabrication of 21 each Package treatment units

Areva NC

Fabrication of Radiological Protection Drums and Valve Protectors

Tatmetal Çelik San. Tic. A.Ş.

Fabrication of Condensate Tank

Outotec Finland

Fabrication of Flotation Tanks

Unilever Egypt

Design and Manufacturing of 1 each hygienic agitator tank


Manufacturing of 2 ea tanks