About Us

About Us

Günak is specialized in the design, manufacturing and erection of customized process equipments that are used in industrial plants. Design and manufacturing of process equipments such as pressure vessels, agitator tanks, storage tanks, reactors, skids, boilers, columns, furnaces, heat exchangers, conveyors and elevators that are used in industrial plants and erection at the clients’ plants is Günak’s main field of activity.

Günak has served products / services to his thousands of clients in many different industries and has been one of the leading companies in the market since the day that he was founded on 28.05.1976 by M.Sc. Mech. Eng. Mr. Nurhan Güneş. Günak has earned respect of his global clients and became a demanded company in the 35 countries that he has served products / services. The industries that Günak serves are as follows: oil & gas and energy, chemical industry, food plants, steel bridge contracting, metal plants.

At Günak, HSE and quality are appraised completely more valuable than any other kind of gains. Günak has crowned his quality with the ASME ceritifcates (U, S, PP, A stamps) that he had received in 2009 and National Board ceritifcates (NB ve R stamps). Günak also owns the following certificates: EN-1090-2, ISO 3834, ISO 9001, ISO 14001 ve OHSAS 18001. What lies beneath the success of Günak, is the mentality of his staff to fabricate better than the previous one and oversatisfy his clients’ demands.

Günak has earned the respect of his clients, his suppliers, his staff, the financial institutions and even his rivals with keeping his promise for delivering the projects on time with high quality,  caring human being, with his credibility in financial institutions, and with his fair and ethical management understanding.

Günak was founded on 28.05.1976 by Mechanical M.Sc. Nurhan Günes in Ankara.

The headquarters were moved to Istanbul / Maltepe on 13.03.1981.

Gunak is awarded with an abroad construction project, for the first time.

The headquarters were moved to Istanbul / Tuzla on 14.06.2010.

Günak was awarded with ISO 9001 certificate on 06.05.2004.

In 2007, second plant was opened and so that stainless steel fabrications and carbon steel fabrications started to be fabricated in different workshops.

Günak was awarded with ASME U-Stamp and S-Stamp on 19.03.2009.

On 23.06.2010, Gunak / Türkiye company structre was transformed from a LLC to a corparation.

On 22.09.2010, Turkmenistan branch was founded.

Günak was awarded with ASME PP-Stamp and A-Stamp on 24.05.2012.

On 08.10.2012, a new company with the name Gunak Industrial Construcrion Sdn. Bhd. is established in Malaysia and our first project in Malaysia is started.

On 10.11.2012, the founder and President of our company, Mechanical Engineer Mr. Nurhan Güneş has passed away.

On 18.07.2013, a new company with the name Gunak Industrial Construction Nigeria Limited is established in Nigeria.

In 2018, a new company with the name Gunak Heavy Industries LLC is established in Oman.

Our first project in Qatar started.

In 2019, a new company with the name Gunak Heavy Industries GmbH is established in Germany.

Our first project in Oman started.

Gunak / Türkiye closed his 2 manufacturing facilities and 1 office and moved to a brand new manufacturing facility with 10,000 sqm covered area.

In 2020, a new company with the name Gunak Heavy Industries QFZ LLC is established in Qatar.