Completed Projects

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Consolidated Contractors Company

6 each field tank fabrication


Revision of bottom heaters of LNG tanks

North Iraq (Khabat Project)

Fabrication of pressure vessels

Areva NC

Fabrication of 31 each Caissons

Aksed - Kortaş - Sega Partnership

Fabrication of 6 ea. pressurized equipments

Modül Çelik

Fabrication of Steam Superheater

Linde Gaz

Nitrogen Generation Unit for Tüpraş İzmit Refinery

Ege Gaz A.Ş.

Site Erection of Natural Gas Metering Skid

Shell & Turkas Petrol A.Ş.

Design, manufacturing and installation of kettle

Tecnicas Reunidas

Fabrication of Hot Air Ducts

Tecnicas Reunidas

Manufacturing of CDU & VDU Heaters


LPG Chloride Threater Drum for Izmit Refinery

Emerson Automation Solutions

Base Oil Metering Skid Fabrication