IHI Infrastructure Systems Co, Ltd.

Manufacturing of Rocker Link

IHI Infrastructure Systems Co, Ltd.

Client : IHI Infrastructure Systems Co, Ltd.

Location : Kocaeli / Türkiye

Starting Date : 2014

Completion Date : 2015

Job Description : Manufacturing of Rocker Link for 1st and 2nd Bosphorus Bridges

Sector Type : Steel Bridge Contracting

Product Type : Steel Bridge Equipments

Project Details :

A bridge bearing (Rocker Link) provides a resting surface between bridge deck and bridge piers. It allows controlled movement to reduce stress caused by either thermal expansion or contraction, seismic activity and other outside sources.

The casting housing part is applied with a number of heat treatment applications including post weld heat treatment (PWHT). A self lubricating bronze bushing with special lubricating graphite material filled inside the lubrication cavities on inner surface of bushing provides a smooth movement to a precision forged pin inside the bushing that carries the deck load. Same lubrication method is applied on bronze washers that are located on either sides of the housing that ensures minimum friction on operation.